Why choose a Chartreux

Elegant cat, regal bearing, with smooth and soft to the touch hair, intense amber-colored eyes and round cheeks. Quiet, his mewing is rare and subdued. Grants attentions in exchange of respect.


Despite the Chartreux is a reserved and dignified cat, it loves to play with balls, ropes, feathers, fake mice, like all his peers. The ideal scratching post is one where it can climb and sleep.

Pet cat

The Chartreux has a beautiful character: it is docile, affectionate, balanced, it live well at home as well as love to be outdoors. It is very fond of children and dogs, of which it loves company, and you willingly cuddle.

Latest births

4 males and 1 female, puppies of Karen Di Kiss Grey and Picasso Du Cœur Royal, born on March 5, 2024

4 males and 1 female, puppies of Speedy Paw Gea and Lacay De La Chabanade, born on May 1, 2024