My passion

Lella Febi Fedi
Lella Febi Fedi, breeder

My love for the Chartreux was born in 2000.

When one of these blue treasures becomes part of your life you can not do without it as it is a very special breed that knows conquer in every sense. I have always followed the Expo as a viewer, trying to know and understand the standard of these beautiful felines, until through exemplary as Thor from Ardoisetambre's breeding and Jolie from De La Chabanade's breeding, I decided to conduct my own selection of this wonderful breed.

Lacay Bleu is the name I chose and has a deep meaning for me, because it belongs to the house of Jolie purchased in France, which reminds me the excitement of our first meeting, our first night in the splendid Lacay's house and the beginning my path.

Our Chartreux grow up in a healthy family habitat full of love. The aim is primarily the protection of this extraordinary race, taking care to select subjects that meet the standard in morphology, health and character. The Chartreux cat is a guardian angel that will captivate you with its simplicity, elegance, beauty of old times.